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Last TODOs for Woda 4.620

Objectives for merge-with-pro milestone

  1. DONE Complete merge with Ziga's pro version, including
    1. DONE directories layout,
    2. DONE export scripts
  2. CHECKED SEE REV 125 Find and fix the extractapi bug.
  3. DONE Fix the security bug.
  4. DONE Fix pending bugs, find pending typos.
  5. DONE Test if provided samples databases are working again.
  6. DONE Complete comments on new functions.
  7. DONE Update the website, everything should be on a wiki.

Objectives for release

  1. add styles, see effects on http://localhost/cgi-bin/woda/people.cgi/StyleDocs
    • DONE see style in malcolm's faq
    • DONE see style in crm
    • DONE RENAMED "orange-green" see style in handi
    • LATER create one based on new Woda logo
    • DONE add default style
  2. DONE add icons see effects on http://localhost/cgi-bin/woda/people.cgi/IconsDocs
    • DONE sort malcolm icons
    • DONE sort claudio icons
    • NO icons from ?
  3. DONE add templates
  4. change release and install script to handle all of this.
  5. DONE change defautl acl for the wiki
  6. language versions.
      1. DONE write new script to retrieve strings to translate
      2. DONE build a translations database
      3. import old translations in it
      4. output in old translation format
      5. update translations
  7. DONE Document new functions, from the pro version DDTYPE
  8. update HTMLArea to latest version (released in 2007, fix tons of bugs, current is 2004)

Check List
check for abandonned code, forgotten code in other branches and committed code that shouldn't be here!
was a pain to do... i should allways use a dedicated branch for features (1 feat. = 1 branch)
How to search in basket ???
check if it still works ?
use: foo bar {_basket}
see bug #518218
Added in documentation
check for db modification and creation through cgi
it works
check security
See #455483 #519272
Security tools already launched:
  • wapiti (test http) nothing
  • rats (audit code) a lot of potential problems! TODO
  • w3af (test http) no tests for perl (yet) ?
document new process DD.TXT DD.PL et TEMPLATES
basic documentation completed in doc/
to be writed on the wiki
check code in use, dir and test
path updated
TEMPLATEDIR defines base directory for templates
  • document it
  • check default value
  • TEMPLATEDIR/lib place for requireFile
  • already set in woda.conf
documented, woda.conf updated
add def for DDTYPE variable (CGI, TXT, TEMPLATE)
  • is set in db/use helper script
NO ?
report Ziga's changes (pro) in woda.conf
I think everything is done
remove HIDE et UNHIDE
sub mainDefaults
if http server wodad, icon url is hardcoded on
LATER, need to be documented
remove "do"
some still needed
rename to
we will keep the 2 versions for a while. it ease updating
demos files got problems with evalTrouble
forum will be done LATER
- bug fixed in evalTrouble (no parameters were allowed in UPPERCASE functions)
- work: guestbook, links, news, open-archive, people
- don't work: forum. Started rewrite of functions but a lot of things won't work; we must ask to security specialist if we can change evalTrouble a bit (like allowing + x * etc.)
check quotes, HTML, and rights. in demos files
makes templates with demos files
sub cgiStyleDocsSample
$ICONURL = "/icons/default"; # why is it hard encoded ?
change email and licence in 3EXPORT script
	# --- icons

	if ( $WBB{'iconURL'} ne '' ) {
		$ICONURL = $WBB{'iconURL'};
	elsif ( $WBB{'iconSet'} ne '' ) {
		$ICONURL = '/woda/icons/' . $WBB{'iconSet'};
	else {
		$ICONURL = '/woda/icons/default';

ICONURL should be more dynamic!
and more: we have $ICONDIR in woda.conf
check for robots
LATER, see claudio's email
Database Closed
automatic if robot ??
document CHECKCGI
done in woda.conf. Need to create a wiki page about woda configuration file.
Remove last multilines calls ($*)
mail Ziga about security problem the release can create for his personal datas
change "little things"
remove extended _from (rev 115)
was quickly done and not widely tested

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