The Web Oriented Database
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WODA is a Perl program that manages web-oriented, semi-relational, multimedia databases. It allows them to be defined, maintained, added-to, modified, and queried entirely through the WWW, httpd and Web Services interfaces and without (much) programming.

News (March 2009):

WODA is free and developement start again! More to comes later See also Woda account on Launchpad

4.603 released now HTML 4.01 validated (for what its worth) ... more.

WODA is listed as #1 web database connectivity tool at Google's Directory.

See also: www.rent-a-db.com A site using WODA technology to allow anyone to build databases through a browser only.

It includes file upload/download, industry standard search syntax, query generator, relations among tables (not limited to tables on the same server), password protection of records, user management, login and registration, different access privileges, sending of serial email, agent reporting new items by email, export/import from Windows applications, shopping basket, compatibility with Office 2003, WSLD, SOAP etc. etc.

In all some 150 different pages are created automatically, based on typically 100-200 lines of varous settings. In these settings, advanced users can use Perl programming language to enhance its functionality.

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 WODA: the database tool for the World Wide Web
March 3, 2009